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This week's burning question: Do you like to read anthologies, or do you usually run from them as fast as you can?
Brrrrrrr. Hello everyone! How warm is it in your part of the world? I'm running behind again, (still, as usual, etc.) but my frozen brain has decided that I should feature some excerpts this month from stories currently published in anthologies.

I read a lot of anthologies and enjoy the format, both as a reader and as an author. Imagine my surprise when a discussion among friends turned up that there are folks that don't care for them. We tossed the pros and cons around, and while I can understand a lot of the cons, I'm still firmly stuck on the pro side. How about you?

Odds Are available in the Mr. Right Now Anthology.
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Summary: Rick Page is renowned pulmonary specialist who normally would be pleased to be speaking at a yearly conference. But this year he’s getting over the end of a long term relationship, trying to cope with his non-phobic fear of elevators and regain his lost confidence. What are the odds he will run into the one man who can help him with all of these issues?

Jonah decided to up the stakes a little when he noticed Rick's distraction. Besides, that blush was just too damn cute in his opinion. He wanted to see more of it.

"That's one hell of a wet spot you've got there, Doc. But then you've just spent the last several hours with whats-his-name and you just don't have the look to go along with it. I can't say I'm surprised."

Rick flushed again and tried not to notice how damp his pants felt against his legs as he struggled to follow the conversational shift. "The look?" What the hell had happened to his vocabulary?

"You know." The voice lowered even deeper and other parts of Rick began to stand at attention as well, much to his dismay. What was it about this guy?

"That can't-wait-to-be-fucked-look." The dark eyes stared at Rick intently and this time Rick wasn't surprised to feel the small jerk in his equilibrium as well as his cock.

Rick would have given anything at that point to keep the tide of color from sweeping over the rest of his face. He was thirty-six years old for Christ's sake. You'd think he could manage to stop blushing. Wouldn't you?

"And you're an expert when it comes to that look?" Rick tried to match the other man's insouciance as he wiped his clammy hands against his pant legs. It's not like he was a rank virgin anymore.

Jonah wanted to grin. This hand went to the Doc. However, Jonah was the more experienced card player. "I am when it comes to you." The words were almost a purr.

Rick swallowed.


This guy was so far out of his league he might as well have been nineteen and clueless all over again. Shit, ok, twenty-two if he was really being honest with himself about when he'd experienced anything other than a few fumbling attempts at intimacy.

"I knew the first time I saw you just how sexy you'd look, and what I wanted to do to you to get you there." Jonah deliberately let his voice lower until it was like velvet, rich and dark and oh, so sinfully soft. Just like he'd bet the Doc's skin would be.

"Rea…lly?" Did his voice just crack? Rick was embarrassed all over again but the other man didn't appear to notice.

"Really." There was that knowing smile. "I'd start with that tie, first thing. It's a nice color, but it has to go." It was finally time. Jonah decided. Time to stop bluffing and lay his cards out on the table, showing the sweet l'il Doc just what was in store for him if he kept playing.

Rick watched in hypnotized fascination as those strong hands reached out for his collar. A part of his brain that was still managing to function noticed the pale skin of the other man's palms, the other part just stood there, frozen and wondering what would happen next.
He didn't have long to wait. The hands were gentle on his shirt collar, easily working the knot in his tie loose until it slid down around his neck to be held captive by those long fingers.

"Then maybe I'd loosen a couple of buttons on your shirt."

Rick could only stare as a moist tongue peeked out between the white teeth and the lips so close to his and yet so very far away. A warm finger traced the small v of skin exposed by his now open shirt and Rick sucked in his breath at the unexpected touch and his body's helpless reaction to it. He'd gotten hard more often today than he had in months. Carol would be ecstatic.

Was he really just standing there, trembling?

"A little more time spent on the finer details and oh yeah, Doc, your cheeks would be flushed, your eyes would be half-closed with passion and your lips would be all swollen and pouty from our kisses." Jonah's voice was almost a whisper now. "And you know what?"

He moved even closer into Rick's personal space, just enough so that their chests were almost brushing but not quite. Rick should have found it intimidating; instead he found it undeniably arousing. Any closer and the man would have felt Rick's undeniable physical reaction to him. A tan finger raised and traced the outline of Rick's lips, barely touching, just close enough for Rick to sense the movement.

"You'd want more."


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Feb. 11th, 2011 01:21 am (UTC)
I'm afraid I'm one of those who don't care for anthologies. I like a long and meaty read. Shorts leave me hanging. However, I did enjoy this excerpt:) Thanks for sharing.

Feb. 11th, 2011 05:06 pm (UTC)
You're welcome, Mickie. Check back every Thursday for another excerpt if you are so inclined. I have a lot of fun with Excerpt Thursday.

As for the anthos, it's quite interesting discussion, LOL. I've had several emails on this post from people who didn't feel comfortable replying in public. Thanks for you thoughts.
Feb. 11th, 2011 10:04 pm (UTC)
I really enjoy anthologies as a way to sample different authors and get a good deal on a whole bunch of short stories - I wonder how many of the people who say they don't like anthologies simply don't like short stories much?

That said, I'm hesitant about buying anthologies from certain publishers because sometimes I think they have far too many filler stories that aren't actually all that well-written. Not all authors can manage the format, and just because they write a decent novel doesn't mean they necessarily have what it takes to come up with a short story that works.

I still enjoy being published in anthologies, but I think I might concentrate on the longer stuff in future :)
Feb. 12th, 2011 04:03 pm (UTC)
That's an good point, Josephine. It's just that the concept of not liking anything written always escapes me (cereal boxes and toothpaste tubes are my friends). Much luck with your longer endeavors.
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