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Catch up with The Clare and Chrissy Show

Miss any of our monthly posting? Don't worry. Here's a handy, dandy quick link to get you all caught up. Feel free to add your thoughts to any of the posts. We'd love to hear from you.

October 2012 - Out on the dancefloor at the GRL
September 2012 - Still enjoying the UK Meet. :)
August 2012 - Clare and Chrissy - Everything Old is New Again.
July 2012 - Clare and Chrissy talk People Watching
June 2012 - Clare and Chrissy - There's an App for that
May 2012 - Clare and Chrissy - who's sorry now?
April 2012 - Clare and Chrissy Turn up the heat - or do they?
March 2012 - Clare and Chrissy Try and Stop Time
February 2012 - Clare and Chrissy Get in the Mood!
January 2012 - On Hiatus! Catch us at the Clare London Birthday Blog Bash
December 2011 - Clare and Chrissy examine their habits.
November 2011 - Clare and Chrissy talk Location, Location, Location.
October 2011 - Clare and Chrissy Reflect on Romance
September 2011 - Clare and Chrissy Play the Name Game
August 2011 - Clare and Chrissy Dig in their heels - or, What ever happened to if it ain't broke, don't fix it?
July 2011 - Clare and Chrissy Visit Their Good Friend Hindsight.
June 2011 - Clare and Chrissy Ask - Are We There Yet?
May 2011 - WIP's - Cull or Cuddle? Clare & Chrissy's Spring Cleaning Adventures
April 2011 - Clare and Chrissy try to lose that little red pen
March 2011 - Clare and Chrissy go in search of the Missing Link
February 2011 - Take a Look at our Drawers ...
January 2011 – On Hiatus: catch our commas at Clare London’s Birthday Blog Month
December 2010 – Christmas Crackers and that Perfect Gift
November 2010 – Clare and Chrissy Give Thanks
October 2010 – OMG! I’m published! Now what?
September 2010 – MySpace or Facebook – or, reports of my death are greatly exaggerated
August 2010 – Inspiration vs. Perspiration
The Intro Post – or, What is this all about again?
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