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First Quarter Musings ... Trolling for links

A bright and happy April to us all. Can you believe three months in year 2011 are gone, baby, gone? *blinks* Not me. But Hell, everyone who knows me knows that I'm still stuck back in 2007 - give or take a few years. I'm doing a quick review of what has worked for me physically, mentally, and emotionally so far this year - and what hasn't. Some change is due to come.

During our chat yesterday, Clare and I offered three contests. Two were the standard fare, and generated some good discussion, but the third took a different slant. A more positive, paying it forward slant. And I have to tell you, I felt so uplifted after reading some of those replies I'm determined to keep that upward momentum going.

So, I'm culling my rss feed here on my blog, knocking out the feeds that leave me feeling less than, and I'm trolling for positive links. Places you click for a smile, or some positive energy. In a departure from my usual posts, it's less about the writing, and more about the life.

Everyone stay safe, blessed, and take care of each other.
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